Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ

Q. What is your recovery rate?
A. Our recovery rates are among the best in the industry and are above the current industry averages.

Q. Is your system approved by major insurers?
A. Our system is approved by all major insurers.

Q. What makes you different from other tracking companies?
A. our system has many differentiating factors and a few have been highlighted.

Our systems are always on – there is no need for you to test them
Insurance repudiation is minimised as systems are always on
You call and we’ll come and fit
Q. Can I contact you 24/7?
A. Yes, we operate our business 24/7 through our call centre and normal office hours.

Q. What is your emergency contact number?
A. We can be contacted on 086 1234 911 at all hours of the day.

Q. Where can I have a unit fitted?
A. You call us and we will come and fit it at your convenience.

Q. Do I need to test my unit?
A. There is no need for you to test the unit. All units are self-testing.

Q. Why don’t I need a remote for my unit?
A. We believe this may endanger our customers and that customers should show no signs of resistance to any potential hijack incident.

Q. What is your recovery footprint?
A. We have a national recovery footprint.

Q. Who are your recovery teams?
A. We contract to the best independent recovery teams in the country and have long standing relationships ensuring the very best responses to any incident.

Q. What is your relationship with the SAPS?
A. We work in conjunction with the SAPS, but are not dependent on them for our recoveries. We contract with private recovery enterprises.

Q. Where is the unit placed in the vehicle?
A. The unit is concealed at a different location in all instances to ensure that it is difficult to find.

Q. Will the unit interfere with my vehicle warranty?
A. No, your unit itself carries a warranty and in all instances manufactures’ warranties are not affected.

Q. Will the unit interfere with my vehicle’s circuitry?
A. No, we have evolved the technology to not interfere with the vehicle’s circuitry.

Q. How long will it take to recover my vehicle?
A. This depends on the location and the time taken to report the theft. Recovery teams are activated the moment we have confirmation of the theft.

Q. Where are your units manufactured?
A. All units are manufactured locally and are developed by Bidtrack who hold the intellectual property rights.

Q. What is your relationship with Bidvest?
A. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bidvest Group.

Q. Can I transfer my unit from one vehicle to another?
A. Yes. There is a fee attached to this but units are fully transferable.